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Software development today can be compared to the creation of samurai swords, shields, strategy and tactics of warfare. You create a few swords and send them into battle. You simply have no other way to know which of the swords will be the best. Then you analyze the experience and create the next batch of swords, and so on. It is impossible to determine which of the swords would be better than the other if to sit at home. You need to see these swords in action - in the battle. I cannot imagine how I could know what I know today, just thinking in my office chair. Moreover, everything that I designed and predicted this way was a complete nonsense. Therefore, if you are interested in these issues, you have to work as a programmer or consultant. It is the only way to be able observe the process and to collect baseline data for your theories.

One of my favorite themes, which I raise in my works is a model of software development as a collective game, aimed at achieving a particular result (creating software) for certain specified conditions (limitations in human, time and financial resources). This model gives a fresh look at software development industry, which was previously described exclusively by technical and engineering metaphors. Problems of successful and unsuccessful project acquire a different color allow us to find creative ways out of difficult situations.

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